What’s a tattoo convention without the opportunity to compete with the best.

Monster Ink Tattoo Fest will host several Tattoo Contests in different categories on Saturday and Sunday.

Get your appointment with one of the many respectable artists attending and maybe you and your artist will take home ‘Best of Day’ or a different prize in one of the many categories. To keep it fair, only tattoos made on the convention can compete. 




- Best of Day
- Dotwork
- Old Skool
- Colour

- Best of Day
- Realistic
- Asian
- Best of Show
- Vampire

Theme contest 'vampire'
We host an extra contest on Sunday! Not a style, but a theme. We chose 'VAMPIRE' for this year. Anything related to vampires can compete in this category!


Best of weekend

Best of Weekend takes home an ergonomic and high quality threatment chair TWN INK- T sponsored by www.mijnvorm.nl 

The creatively designed treatment chair TWN INK-T is a unique working chair. There is no other work chair that goes from 600 mm up to 1120 mm. You can sit or standing in front of your client. Your client sits comfortable on 4 cm thick HR foam. 


Best of Day + Best Vampire

- Best of Day takes home an ergonomic and high quality black edition work chair L2 sponsored by www.mijnvorm.nl 
- Best VAMPIRE tattoo wins a high quality black edition work chair L2 sponsored by www.mijnvorm.nl AND a free booth for the 3rd edition next year!

The work chair L2 is specially designed for people who do precision work. The L2 saddle seat has a special notch on the front, which causes no genital mutilation in both men and women. The core of the seat is made of one single piece of wood and has an extremely thick and super soft PU coating that is indestructible. 


Register & Contest

You can register at the info booth:
- On Saturday from 15.00 till 16.00
- On Sunday from 14.00 till 15.00

The contests take place at the main stage:
- On Saturday at 19.00
- On Sunday at 17.00

Keep in mind that only tattoos made on the convention can compete!