Program Saturday

12.00 Opening
12.00 The Anaesthetics
12.30 Demon Drome Wall of Death
13.00 The Fuel Girls
13.30 Monster Energy
14.00 Lucky Hell
14.30 The Anaesthetics
15.00 Demon Drome Wall of Death
15.30 Monster Energy
16.00 The Anaesthetics
16.30 The Fuel Girls
17.00 Demon Drome Wall of Death
17.30 Monster Energy
18.00 The Anaesthetics
18.30 Demon Drome Wall of Death
19.00 Contests
20.00 The Anaesthetics
20.30 Monster Energy
21.00 Lucky Hell
21.30 The Fuel Girls
22.00 Demon Drome Wall of Death

Program Sunday

12.00 Opening
12.00 Diona Fox & Her Ragdolls
12.30 Demon Drome Wall of Death
13.00 The Fuel Girls
13.30 Lucky Hell
14.00 Monster Energy
14.30 Demon Drome Wall of Death
14.30 Diona Fox & Her Ragdolls
15.00 The Fuel Girls
15.30 Monster Energy
16.00 Demon Drome Wall of Death
16.30 Diona Fox & Her Ragdolls
17.00 Contests
18.00 Monster Energy
18.30 Diona Fox & Her Ragdolls

- Live Flying Monkeys Suspension Crew
- Live Pinstriping
- Live Steampunk-art
- Live Piercingshow
- Bumper Cars


We are very proud to have the gorgeous Eric Liyah Kane as our host!

She is a well-known (tattoo-) model, actress and internet personality from United Kingdom.  




We are very proud to have Steven Saunders as our host!

He always has an opinion. Mostly about games, tech, and movies & series, and all related theme's and subcultures. He enjoys voicing that opinion in text and video content, and have experience in creating both for various platforms. Having expanded on his experience, he also creates content where his opinion is replaced by brand awareness and storytelling. In a new venture he's also working on gamification and development. 



The Fuel Girls

The Fuel Girls are a kick ass, ultra-sexy, fire breathing rock and roll, fire, aerial, sparks and pyro show! They perform all over the world, with a passion for FMX shows, rock festivals, motorshows, rallies, extreme sports and WILD parties! Their crazy no holds barred attitude and their huge fire props and skills mean you get a bit more than you bargained for!

(Saturday & Sunday)



Bumper cars

Hop into one of the electric bumper cars and go head to head in a bumper car battle royal! Take a precision hit to the side of your car and watch yourself spinning out of control! 



Lucky Hell

Lucky Hell is the most glamorous dare devil you will ever see! Originally from Australia and completely self taught, this Marlyn Monroe inspired beauty will wow you before she even begins her act, she is like a walking piece of art, adorned with intricate and beautiful tattoo work, but don't let her swarovski covered costumes fool you, she is 100% dare devil! One of the only female sword swallowers in the world today, Lucky Hell takes this mysterious and ancient circus art to new levels, dazzling and dancing it into the 21st century like no other can. (Saturday & Sunday)



Demon Drome Wall of Death

Demon Drome Wall of Death, brings you vintage thrills and spills on an original 1920's motordrome. Featuring a cast of wild and outlandish acts performing amazing feats of virtuosity within mere feet of the audience. Pushing the limits of physics. The Wall of Death show you have to see to believe!



Flying Monkeys Suspension Crew

There are human beings that love to hang and to give any interested person the opportunity to celebrate their first flight together in a calm and familiar atmosphere. The Monkeys believe that every suspension should be one of the most amazing and impressive feelings the human body can be capable of.
We dare you to take a flight with them!



Monster Energy

Skateramp & BMX

More details will follow later...



Tribal Trading Piercing Show

With more than 25 years of experience is Bart one of the most well-known piercing artists of the Benelux. Bart's Tribal Trading piercingshow, is an art movement doing corset piercings and other crazy body modifications. 

Are you interested in such a beautiful corset piercing, or do you have another crazy idea, and you're not afraid to walk around in the crowd? Contact Bart and maybe you're one of the lucky ones who can wear a corset piercing done by one of the best!



The Anaesthetics

Chunks of new wave combined with echoing guitars while atmospheric soundscapes and pieces of electronic fill the room. Pumping bass lines and angular drums give the spherical whole a danceable hint, it makes you wanna dance.




Diona Fox & her Ragdolls

Diona Fox & Her Ragdolls is a Rotterdam-based popjazz band consisting of four energetic musicians. A love for old music styles and the appeal of pop music performs a thread in its own repertoire. Often compared to Amy Winehouse, soulfull jazz with Pop's catchy-ness. In addition, they make edits of standards and chansons. Records by Ella Fitzgerald, Joss Stone, Antonio Carlos Jobim and Charles Aznavour are a small grip from the band's inspiration.